Skallagrigg (1994) on YouTube

Skallagrigg blurb from inside sleeve of the first run of books in 1987. Click for a larger image. I first read Skallagrigg by William Horwood over 15 years ago and it's had a lasting effect on me ever since. It's a wonderful book, which although dated now by some of the disability terms used (published 1987), I recommend to anyone. Chapter 26 is especially fascinating from a game accessibility point of view where the lead character, Esther, discovers Pong in 1980 and sees for the first time the possibilities technology might hold if only she could better control it.

In 1994 the BBC created a television drama that featured a broad cast of disabled actors, something that's still a rarity today. It's not a patch on the book and misses huge chunks out, however, it's available for you to make your own mind up on at the Skallagrigg09 YouTube Channel for the moment.


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    What A Great Film. I might be a biased thou, having just married Esther (Kerry Noble) in Las Vegas.  

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    It is a fine film, and a wonderful book. Congratulations by the way! Have a very happy life together! Does she still act by the way?  

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    Brilliant review from Dark of on Skallagrigg:  

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