One Switch Curling

Image of New Age Kurling. Inclusive Technology have just released a cracking little one-switch sports game called "New Age Kurling". The sport really lends itself well to one-switch play and is a first to the best of my knowledge. Head tracker users might like to try Virtual Curling as an alternative.

The only issue I have is that as a two-player game where players have to share the same input (SPACE or LEFT MOUSE CLICK) there is a lot of potential for unwanted presses spoiling play. These could come from moving a switch from one position to another and it being accidentally activated. Worse still, cheating would be quite easy ("whoops, sorry I didn't mean to take your go , snigger").

One potential solution would be to offer two different input methods (e.g. player one uses the space bar/left-mouse click and player two use the RETURN key/right-mouse click). A second solution would be to feature a virtual padlock for the switch. Once you'd played, you'd have to press another key (e.g. BACKSPACE) before the switch could be used again.

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