Muscle Marble Madness

Muscle Sensor - VR Meets Physical Therapy - Image of a disabled man playing Marble Madness using muscle sensors. This photo shows an adapted SEGA Megadrive/Genesis controller rigged up to be played with muscle sensors for rehabilitation (and fun) in the mid 1990's. Marble Madness is a brilliant old Atari game originally designed to be played with a track-ball alone. Playing using muscle twitches must have been a tough way to play but better than no way to play.

You can learn about the latest developments in game rehabilitation by visiting the Games for Health web-site. Their yearly conference is due soon in the USA for June the 11th and 12th with a Games Accessibility Day set for the 10th.

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  1. # Blogger Ioo

    This was one of my fav games. I would dumb SO MANY quarters into this game! I am glad to see it...  

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