D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Joypad for Playstation 2

Switch Adapted Joypad for Playstation 2. I was recently asked to build a switch accessible Joypad for a Playstation 2 which led me to thinking about adding a D.I.Y. guide for such a device.

The most important thing was to track down some controllers that were PSone Dual-Shock compatible with digital buttons. If you wire an accessibility switch straight into the contacts of more typical analogue buttons the added resistance causes 'weak-press' problems. For instance, pressing your switch on the likes of GTA when driving a car will have you in driving-miss-daisy mode all day. Slow and not ideal for a getaway!

After a bit of trial and error I've found a good batch which are now available to buy ready adapted or unadapted ready for you to follow the D.I.Y. guide.

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