BBC One Switch Accessible Newsreader

BBC One Switch Accessible Newsreader The BBC have just released a highly accessible newsreader that will suit many users with it's beautifully designed interface. The up to date stories are sourced from Newsround which has a thirty year history in the UK of bringing world news to children in a clear and non-patronising manner. Ah, good old John Craven...

Good points: Clearly written news with well chosen photos, an interface system with distinct icons, speech and a choice of access methods including a one-switch access mode.

It's just gone live, and the BBC would very much appreciate any feedback including suggestions for improvements. I'd like to see a two-switch mode and a way to slow the speech down. Then I'd love to see an accessible newsreader for adults too. I love progress! This reminds me that I must update my news ideas page ASAP.

Via: Ian Hamilton (Senior Designer, FM&T Vision UX&D, BBC Future Media & Technology)

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  1. # Anonymous John Sewell

    Pity you cn't tab from the bbc-one-switch-accessible-newsreader.html page to the newsreader.  

  2. # Anonymous John Bannick


    There you go being informative again!

    At 7-128 Software we've been discussing one-switch interfaces. The BBC site you reference is a really good working example for us to look at.

    John Bannick
    7-128 Software  

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