ATE Arcade: Atari VCS

1977 Image of an Atari VCS games console playing Outlaw on a 70's Colour TV surrounded by controllers and game boxes.Well that wasn't quick but the ATE Arcade finally has some guidance on how to emulate the Atari VCS and details of some of the most accessible games.

Just like Chess and many card games, some old video games will always retain their appeal. I especially still like Canyon Bomber and Bowling. I can imagine a pair of competitive one-switch gamers still getting fun from the likes of Outlaw too.

Next? The Megadrive/Genesis made more accessible - then Future Pinball with a tie up with Special Effect. There's a long road ahead...


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    Couldn't sleep for coughing - added more 4Noah info - play Asteroids and Space Invaders with one-switch. Nice.

    4Noah has some problems sending auto-fire to the Atari on some games - but there's ways around it with willing.  

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