Rock Band Guitar: Made More Accessible

The above video clip shows an adapted Rock Band Guitar played one-handed using the kick-pedal from the drums to strum. It's an easy modification that could just as well be applied to all the fret buttons if needed. Great for one-handed play and good too for one-switch musicians (with fast reactions) who can strum, whilst another person takes over fret work duties.

The D.I.Y. Accessible Rock Band Guitar modification can be found at the OneSwitch D.I.Y. section. You'll also find there a little guidance for hooking the guitar up to play licks and riffs on a PC courtesy of Mr. Fast Finger.

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  1. # Blogger Mr. Hay

    You could also use this to modify a guitar for group/collaborative play, five students operating one fret button each. Not sure how well that would work, necessarily, but it would be interesting to try.  

  2. # Blogger

    Good idea, Mr. Hay.

    The modification is fairly straight forward (you just need to splice into the appropriate wires which are quite easy to spot) and there's tons of room in the guitar for five extra sockets.

    Play would likely be best on the practice area initially where there's no real pressure apart from to beat your own score. You'd really need to work as a team to play well.  

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