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Image of a radio wave from Joy Division album Hidden Pleasures. Shortly before Christmas, William Pilgrim of 4Noah fame wrote two fantastic small utilities from a couple of ideas of mine. Shamefully it's taken me this long to get the first one up: Switch Mixer Lite which is a one-switch sound sample player.

This is huge fun as a cause and effect activity or as something more creative, once you've scavanged some good WAV files from your hard-drive or from the web. A brilliant starting point is at this Free Technology for Teachers blog post.

Other sound sources can be found high and low including text to speech readers and your PC's sound recorder utility. A really useful stopping point is Media Converter where you can convert MP3s and other formats into WAV format.

Edit: A small update has just been made by William to add extra functionality. Now you can choose to have sounds multi-layered or have just one played neatly at a time. The web-page reflects this and adds a few extra ideas.

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    Some great extra ideas here from TLWMSN Blog:

    Convert songs to wavs (use or similar site) and use as a music player
    do the same with clips of audio books.

    Record a spelling list, math quiz or similar with each question as a single wav file and have the switch user administer the test to

    Record commands for a game like red light/green light
    play sound effects for a haunted house or similar event.

    Play wavs of jokes
    record the numbers one through six or the colors, set to random and use as an audio dice or spinner
    record favorite quotes from a movie or book and play name the character.

    Record the opening line or two from songs and play name that tune.  

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