Guitar Hero Freddie Everett

Image of Freddie Everett smiling.THE TEXAS LEGEND. They call Freddie Everett "The Texas Legend," "The Texas Hendrix," and sometimes locally, "Our Houston Legend." A true legend he is, as few have the ability to endlessly ad-lib lightning fast riffs and power cords the way he could, but it's the way he connected with his audiences that really set him apart. He'd bring his audience into the performance, calling people by name from the stage or going out into the audience to perform one of his signature moves, such as using any object available as a slide. If he met you one time, he'd remember your name and refer to you as a friend. The list of celebrities he knew is nearly endless. He performed with or opened for many, many greats, such as Sammy Hegar, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper (where he met his wife Annette), Bo Diddley (who'd visit Freddie, whenever he was in town), Double Trouble (Stevie Ray's band), and many more.

He was a world class guitar player who had just signed with SONY and was about to step out onto the world stage, starting with a tour of Europe, when ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease took away his ability to play. He never got the chance to record at SONY's studio. ALS is a disease which affects the motor neurons and little by little, takes away the ability to use all voluntary muscles, including those used for speaking, eating, and breathing.

In 2008, he became dependent on a ventilator and feeding tube to stay alive, and was entirely wheelchair bound. Thanks to his eye-tracking computer (ERICA), he was able to communicate, use the internet, and continue to make music. His battle with ALS ended in the early hours of 02/APRIL/09, but his legacy will live on forever. We love you Freddie. You're rockin' with the angels now.

Taken from Freddie Everett's MySpace Music page. Discovered via RNT Blog.


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