Windchimes: Basic Accessible Gaming Training

Screenshot from Shenmue. Ryo Hazuki being offered option to PLAY or CAN'T PLAY an emulated game of OutRun. The following links support the Basic Accessible Gaming training provided at Windchimes on the 6th of March 2009:

Developing Basic Gaming Skills and Game Accessibility Awareness

SEN Switcher: Training for switch users new to games and accessible technology. Teaches some of the absolute basics of gaming from cause and effect upwards.

GAME OVER: The world's most inaccessible game. A great way for people supporting disabled gamers to understand the many barriers they may face.


JoyToKey: A free PC utility that enables joysticks/joypads to act as a mouse or keyboard. Essential for many switch users.


Accessible Gaming Shop: A useful starting point for accessible games and hardware.

Some of the one-switch games on show were: Penalty; Whacka Monty Mole; Aurikon; Mini-Golf. The mouse games made available were: 5 Differences and 6 Differences. The emulated Sonic the Hedgehog will eventually have a home at the ATE Arcade.

Consoles and Controller Help

C-SID Info and Instructions. Help for better understanding the Games Console Switch Interface Deluxe.

EyeToy Demo: The PS2 EyeToy instructions.

Playstation 2: Quick Start Guide.

Wii: YouTube beginners guides. Part one deals with setting the console up. Part two deals with the Wii remote. Very geeky - but useful.

Getting deeper into Game Accessibility

The IGDA's GASIG (Game Accessibility Special Interest Group) have a huge number of links and information at their blog.

For more help please get in touch via

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