One Handed Favourite - Back In Production

Console and Gadgets One Handed Controller. Great news for one-handed gamers looking for a DragonPlus DuoCon2 RPG replacement. Consoles and Gadgets in the UK have put these into production and are due to release them next month.
"...You may remember seeing this PS2 PS3 One Handed Controller in the centre pages of FHM a year or so back. Sadly it was not long until these sold out and after a couple of years waiting for more, we have decided just to start production of these ourselves, simply because there's not a day goes by [when] customers don't ask about these so we are pleased to finally offer them again very soon."
Fantastic news! More on alternative one-handed controllers and console adapters at the One Switch Accessible Gaming Shop. Many thanks to Fay Columbo for the tip, and for a number of second hand DragonPlus controllers that I hope to get fixed up before too long.

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