myEye Project: Free Eye Tracker

Artistic impression of an eye and iridology. The myEye Project seeks to bring free Eye Tracker technology to those who may need it but are unable to afford a £20,000 Tobii. It's a free PC download that makes use of a web-cam that must be mounted close to one of your eyes.

[EDIT] You'll likely need to adapt your web-cam for infra-red use, which isn't too complicated, but is a little fiddly. The author of the myEye Project, Marcelo Laginestra recommends this "Webcam Filter Removal" guide.

On a related tack, there's a great blog post here linked to a young lad trying out a MyTobii thanks to the Stargaze project run by Special Effect.

Finally, next month another low cost Eye Tracker is due to be released via the ITU GazeGroup.

Via: TLWMSN, Martin Tall and Nick Streeter of Special Effect.


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  1. # Anonymous Marcelo

    I'm working on the development of the myEye project, the webcam needs to be converted to infrared, otherwise, it won't work correctly.
    If you need help configuring the software, you can contact me through the contact form in the myEye project webpage.

  2. # Blogger

    Hi Marceleo,

    It's a brilliant idea. I'll try again tonight if I have time and will let you know how I go.

    Is there a particular camera that you know works well that you recommend if mine still won't work out?


  3. # Anonymous Marcelo

    Hi Barrie,
    I've just tested it with a Logitech Quickcam Express and a Microsoft VX-1000 USB webcams. The requirement is that the webcam must be converted into an infrared cam, and the eye must be illuminated by an infrared led.

  4. # Blogger

    Would this guide to the trick for converting to infra-red?  

  5. # Anonymous Marcelo

    yes, basically that's the procedure for any webcam.
    I have this link too:  

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