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EyeToy Play How did I ever miss the EyeToy out of the Accessible Gaming Shop? This wonderful little device was the big thing in gaming before the Wii took hold. The EyeToy is a small camera that puts you on-screen and in the game. You can use any part of your body to play, which is where the huge degree of accessibility comes in.

I immediately warmed to the EyeToy after viewing the superb opening instructions (US version here). If only all games explained themselves so clearly. Instantly I was reminded of Myron Kreuger's VideoPlace (of which the EyeToy owes a huge debt) which I'd always wanted to experience since seeing in 1990 on TV.

I fell in love with EyeToy when I discovered the "Play Room" area. A choice of ten or so different multi-sensorial no-pressure activities. From popping bubbles, chasing fish, a copy-cat feature (my favourite) to crazy psychedelics. This is something that anyone who can move, can interact with. You don't even need to move a lot. Just move the camera to focus in on the part of the body of choice.

Brilliant and highly recommended to Playstation 2 users (not sure about PS3 - still haven't got one).

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