Domino: Switch Accessible Learning Remote Control

Dream-Gamer Domino Switch Accessible Learning Remote Control. The Domino from Dream-Technology is a versatile learning remote control. A total of 24 different infra-red functions can be learnt, accessed via the four yellow mode buttons and six function buttons.

For instance pressing the yellow MODE A button could give you access to six different DVD functions such as Play, Pause and Skipping. MODE B could be devoted to TV controls such as volume up/down, channel up/down and power on/off. MODE C could be devoted to iPod (via an infra-red docking bay) or CD control. MODE D could be devoted to a mix of infra-red toys.

The really great thing is that all buttons are switch accessible. There's a useful list from Dynavox (famous for their communication devices) of infra-red accessible toys to give some more ideas. Swotting up on "How Infrared Remote Control Toys Work" may help you pick other suitable choices from the likes of eBay. Very nice bit of kit.

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