British 10K: Please Sponsor Me!

Running Man - Exit symbol.On the 12th of July this year I hope to run 10 km (6.2 miles) in the "British 10K" in aid of Special Effect's Game for Helen Project. This is my 500th post on the OneSwitch blog - a good time to ask for your support in cash, if you can spare it, for this appeal. If you'd like to sponsor me please visit my JustGiving page here.

I used to run a lot 20 years ago often six miles down to Southend sea front, treating myself with a turn on Gorf or Gravitar, before turning back with my wobbly tape Walkman on. I then learnt how to drive and liked that (and sitting on my backside) a lot more than running. I'm not 17 any more and my knock knees haven't got any better. It's going to be tough but I really want to do this as the cause is a fantastic one. Here's a little update from Special Effect:

"We've now raised £20,000 towards our appeal to create a special computer games suite at the Helen and Douglas House Hospice. We need to raise another £40,000. As part of these efforts we have people taking part in our 3 Peaks Challenge and have a team of runners in the British 10K.

SpecialEffect has just found out that we've been short listed for a national award for our Games Roadshows following our national innovation award in December.

SpecialEffect Roadshows were such a great success in 2008 that they are back with a brand new collection of games! 2008 Roadshows were extremely beneficial to SpecialEffect in helping us assess which games worked with which control methods so that we can develop a range that works for different abilities and ages. We have been researching different up to date games for our systems and are very excited to have a brand new selection to try out at our Roadshows 2009!"


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  1. # Blogger Ioo

    We will add something to AbleGamers. I am sure that we can get something over to ya.  

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks Mark! Very generous of you and AbleGamers - and much appreciated. Cheers!  

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