"Possibly the only game playable by blind 2-year olds"

Image of 'Here Comes The Duck!' from 7-128 Software. With a claim like "Possibly the only game playable by blind 2-year olds" I had to investigate 7-128 Software's "Here Comes The Duck".

John Bannick of 7-128 kindly allowed me to test out some of their accessible educational software. I started with their "Pizza Games Book (Baby Bear Edition)":

"Here Comes The Duck" is a simple cause-and-effect activity. You hit a switch and a random animal will appear, such as a Cow, Whale, Lion and some slightly more obscure creatures (to me in the UK) such as the Canada Goose. Most are clearly recognisable via some excellent sound samples. The loose game part comes from spotting the Duck as it zooms past at certain points.

The other games included build on the long-standing eductational strand of accessible software started with the OZNAKI Project in the 1970's. Some clear use of Maths and English with a simple interface. All the games have the facility to adjust the speed, font size and to have text spoken out loud.

I like what 7-128 are aiming at with their software suites. I did find the voice a bit hard to make out at times, especially when clashing with sound samples, or if you rushed it when adjusting game options. My main criticism is that the Baby Bear Edition doesn't have the facility for mouse use within the actual activities. Thus head-tracker, eye-tracker and switch users with an interface limited to the left-click won't be able to play. Hopefully this can be fixed in the future.

This all said, there's really nothing quite like the 7-128 project out there that I'm aware of. I highly recommend people with an interest take a good look.

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