Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear

Image of the book cover to Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.My partner and I have just finished reading our daughter Mr. Gum and the Dancing Bear by Andy Stanton. We all absolutely loved it. Use something like a FLIP Page Turner to make switch accessible. Here's a little excerpt from a darker section of the book:
"Cautiously Polly [our 9 year old hero] picked her way through the narrow lanes lit dimly by Victorian gas lamps that glowed a dismal orange through the swirling mists. The air was thick with salt and exotic spices, and the night was filled with a hundred terrible sounds - unearthly shrieks, breaking glass, and the cries of the naughty ladies echoing throught the alleyways: 'A penny for a kiss o' me ruby-red lips! An' tuppence for a feel o' me elbows!'

Beggars wailed and wept in the gutters, hair theives stood huddled outside the tattoo parlours and terrifying gangs of gossipers roamed the streets, talking about people behind their backs. 'Outta me way matey', growled a fierce looking sailor, shoving Polly rudely aside as he disappeared in through a crooked doorway. 'I wanna see this bear everyone's goin' on about.'"


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