Daisy Chain

Image of a flower daisy-chain - by masochismtango on Flickr. I've made a quick update to the D.I.Y. switch equipment area detailing daisy chaining. This allows you to control multiple devices using a single switch. For instance you can roll two or more electronic dice with one switch or control both flippers in a pinball game simultaneously with one switch.

For this you'll need a full-stereo 3.5mm 2 into 1 adapter and a 3.5mm patch lead (mono or stereo - both work fine). Maplin Electronics sell this adapter code: FP34M. Using the same 2 into 1 adapter, you can also plug two switches into one device.

NB: If you daisy chain two different types of switch socket together things may not function correctly. Life is never as simple as you might like! Basically try to stick to like for like switch accessible devices and you should be fine.


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  1. # Blogger daveat

    your activities and site are glorious and I have shared with many therapists educators and families but I have a technical question for you. I am trying to adapt a tonka truck that has that fussy slide switch have you had success with these last one i did it was not a success. it is a toggle handle activation is up (1 switch) down (2 switch) drop me a e-mail at traidprojectadapt@gmail.com thanks

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