Custom and Customising Wheelchairs

Customised (Pimped) Wheelchairs.Watching an old run of Pimp My Ride reminded me of a chance meeting I had in early 2003 (just pre-OneSwitch) at a small-business start up course. Here I met a homeless freelance artist, Kevin Cox, who showed me photos of the most amazing wheelchair spoke guard protectors he'd painted for his teenage son.

I advertised these for a short while but his phone soon went dead and I've never heard from him since. So in lieu of me doing anything useful around that idea - here's some good links:

Custom Wheels (expensive but very nice looking).
Custom Spoke Guards (aka Hub Caps - UK).
Custom Spoke Guards (aka Hub Caps - USA).
Rainbow Racer (Light Show on your wheels - should work okay on a wheelchair).
El Wire (Luminescent piping).
Pimp My Wheelchair (very professional bespoke jobs - not sure if still in business).
eBay then search on "Vinyl Sticker" or "Biker Stickers" or "Car Sticker".

Fourcross - Spinal Cord Injury Downhill Racing (bonkers YouTube video).
Accessible Trikes and Bikes Blog - Japanese Disabled Riders Association (great pics and vids).
Mountain Climbing - Darol Kubacz and others climb mountains in adapted wheelchairs.
Aaron Fotheringham - Wheelchair user doing a 360 degree flip at a skateboard park.


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