Colin McDonnell

Colin McDonnell playing a web-game using switches and a C-SID switch interface.
Colin's three head-switch and one hand switch set-up.
Colin playing Crash Bandicoot (I think) racing game on his PS2 using accessibility switches and his C-SID.
Colin stopping to pose inbetween playing Zelda with accessibility switches on his C-SID.

This made my Christmas:

"I am Colin McDonnell... You made me a C-SID for Christmas. You have made my Christmas, thank you very much, it is brilliant.

Now I can play on the playstation and gamecube / wii with my brothers and favourite games are racing games, fighting games and I even go on Zelda with a little help from my sister.

To use the control I only really use my head I have 3 switches on my head rest and sometimes I have a 4th one on my tray depending on what game i'm playing."


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