Accessible Cooking

Some ideas for including people in cooking: - Simple pictorial recipes. - More pictorial recipes. - Kitchen Symbols. - Food photos.

Talking Tins: Record a spoken message, e.g. "Coffee Jar", then attach to it. Press a button to make it talk. Adapt for accessibility switches here.

Switch Activated Pouring Cup: Great way to pour liquids into a mixing bowl, or to pour out drinks and smoothies.

Click-on: For switch control of basic twist timer microwaves, can openers, food-mixers and more.

Mug Stirrer
 Battery Operated Auto-Stir Coffee Mug. Cup that can stir it's own contents on the press of a button.

Flour Sifter: Sift flour on the press of a button.

Food Hygiene: "Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities" blog links.


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  1. # Anonymous Nancy Harris

    WOW! thanks for sharing these useful links. I loved the's Food photos, absolutely delicious.  

  2. # Blogger

    Some more excellent pictorial recipes here:  

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