RR2008: A Sliding Puzzle For Helen

A Sliding Puzzle For Helen. First up from the Retro Remakes Game For Helen category comes "A Sliding Puzzle For Helen" by The Caffeine Kid. Written in 18 hours, I'll pass you over to the README:

"...a sliding blocks puzzle game just like the ones you used to have when you were a kid - those annoying things that tended to get you frustrated until you smashed them up.

This new remake is a one switch game and hopefully assessible to lots of people who might not have been able to get wound up by these "games" in the past. The game can be completely controlled with the "space bar".

A photo is cut into sections which are shuffled about and you have to arrange the pieces again to complete the photo and put it back to it's original correct order.

The classic version of this is 4x4 with blocks numbered from 1-15 and I was never very good at solving them really.

This version has four different difficulties from 4x4 upto a brain-melting 10x10 with 99 blocks that will need to be reordered."

Brain melting is right, especially with some of the photos included. A great thing is that it's possible to replace the images with your own (640x480 JPEGs). A real challenge, and fantastic really considering it was written in a day and a half.

Download: A Sliding Puzzle For Helen.

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