Mighty Jill Off

Image of the Mighty Jill in Gimp gear - staring up at an ominous looking tall tower on a moonlit night.Mighty Jill Off is a 3-button game - with a a one-switch little sister. Produced via the ever so slightly warped mind of Auntie Pixelante - proceed with caution. This is an 18+ game so I won't go into too much detail here. All I will say is that the one-switch incarnation is a hugely addictive spin on arcade classic Bomb Jack. Still haven't cracked 2 minutes yet.

For one-switch adult gamers - set your switch to the SPACE BAR (or almost any other key). One tap to jump - rapid taps to flap. For gamers unable to trigger rapid presses one solution may be to have this as a two-switch game. One switch triggering the SPACE BAR - and the second switch triggering rapid-fire CTRL presses (via JoyToKey).

Via: OddBob with thanks.

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