BBC Radio 4 - "Toys for children with disabilities"

You and Yours: BBC Radio 4 - Switch Toys and Games. Radio 4's You and Yours programme featured a much appreciated Christmas slot on accessible toys and games today. You can presently listen to this on the interweb by clicking the play symbol or the Radio 4 picture above.

Excitingly for me, journalist Geoff Adams-Spink visited OneSwitch, where I got to show off a few of my favourite games. You'll hear me using the foot pedal from Rock Band (although any switch would have done) to play Whacka-Monty-Mole and Aurikon through the switch interface of a Dream Gamer unit. I also got in a moan off about the lack of accessibility features in main-stream games, so that was good!

This all ties up to a recent BBC News web article on Accessible Toys and interview with Mike Taylor of Excitim at AbleGamers. I must thank Geoff, Mike and AbilityNet for helping to make this happen. Nice one.

Oh - and I must finally thank Retro Remakes. Without them they'd be very few one-switch games of quality to show off.

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