2008: All Blogged One Switch Games

Mark Rothko art.
One-Switch Games Blogged in 2008:

A Sliding Puzzle for Helen - Mind bending puzzle game.
Blood Bath - One man one-switch army.
Bullseye! - Darts.
CRC Formula 1 - Racing rocket-powered wheelchairs.
Eye Toy Shoot Zonez - On-line sports and carnival games.
Gimme Some Friction - Compelling on-line Puzzle Bobble inspired game.
Gordon's Trigger Finger - Half-Life 2 First Person Shooter one-switch modification.
Green Thingy - Abstract mock vector-scan platform game.
Herder - Snake crossed with One Man and his Dog on-line.
Hoop Stars - Basketball for one or two players. Very basic but fun.
Maze Muncher - Pac-Man made one-switch playable.
Mario Dash - Wonderful Super Mario rejig made more accessible.
Mighty Jill Off - Bomb Jack inspired 18+ game.
Mono 8 - Black and White exploratory platformer.
Nano Games - Collection of highly accessible one-switch games.
One Armed Bandit - Fruit Machine.
Pac-Man Pachinko - Not pure one-switch - but with support a fun hybrid game.
Peggle - Not pure one-switch either - but fun bagatelle type game.
Project Ice Cube - Hard platform game.
Strange Attractors 2 - One of the finest one-switch games ever.
Sunny Day Sky - Gorgeous on-line one-switch flying mouse game playing with traffic.
Switch Friendly Games - Commercial traditional games made switch accessible.
The Rat Race - Life summed up in a one-switch race game.
TBA-2 - Fun catch and throw race game.
TIG Duels for Extraordinary Gentlemen - Two player fencing.
Top 10 One Switch Games - My favourites from the OneSwitch.org.uk library.
Tower Bloxx - Tower building game.
Whacka-Monty-Mole - Whack-a-Mole game.
Whack-a-Mole - William Pilgrim fun whack-a-mole game.
Wizard Battle - Fantasy war battle for one or two players.
Wobble Bob - Platform game.

Favourite Other Posts from 2009

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2 Responses to '2008: All Blogged One Switch Games'

  1. # Blogger ghost reveries

    Thanks for mentioning Strange Attractors 2. Its an honor to be listed with other fantastic one switch games! -chris@ominousdev  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Well deserves its place in my Top 10 - thanks so much for writing it.

    Have a great 2009.  

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