Two New Accessible Gaming Blogs

Image of Captain James T. Kirk - Sorry Tera! There aren't a huge number of disabled gamers blogging out there (yet!), so it's great when two come along at once. Tera Kirk is a fine journalist at posting upon accessible gaming issues. She has a blog there - Tera Kirk's Blog with her more personal blog at Sweet Perdition. Nice.

Secondly comes The Gaming Kitsune reviewing games from the perspective of a gamer using a highly specialised set-up. Both well written, and well worth your time.


2 Responses to 'Two New Accessible Gaming Blogs'

  1. # Anonymous Tera

    Thanks for the shout-out. (Aw, shucks).

    More than that, thanks for pointing out The Gaming Kitsune. Awesome stuff.  

  2. # Blogger

    You're very welcome. And thank you for bringing some of the issues to a wider audience.


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