Max Shooter - Xbox360 adapter

Image of black plastic controller adapter.I've just become aware of an alternative to the XFPS 360 adapters, being the "Max Shooter". Both of these adapters allow the huge array of Playstation 2 compatible controllers to be used on an Xbox 360. Great news as this one is a little bit cheaper, at £48.90 delivered from Amazon, although you'll still need an additional wired Xbox 360 original controller attached to get around Microsoft's disabling technology (and I mean that in all senses).

Added to the OneSwitch adapters page.

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  1. # Blogger Jassica

    for you gamers out there like me who dont like the x box controler and want to play with keyboard and mouse this peice of kit does the job.simple to set up,the default settings are pretty good ,but re-progaming it to your own preferences is not a problem,the only slight glitch is getting the mouse sensitivity right,but not a major problem,took about 5 mins.

    Headset Adapter  

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