SwitchedOn Games

Switched On Games"The SwitchedOn Games manifesto:
  1. Develop games that are graphically and technically of a standard on a par with current commercial releases, but that are designed to be controled by people who, through physical disability and/or learning dificulties, find current mainstream games inaccessible.
  2. To work with like-minded groups, organizations, charities and individuals who care about similar issues, and who can help contribute to funding, fundraising, development, testing etc.
  3. To emphasise GAMES ! We're not ignoring the need for educational software but our focus is on recreation - the social importance of having fun !
  4. To help develop methods of input - in both hardware and software - to allow anyone of any age or ability to enjoy our games. "

"Never underestimate the importance of having fun." - RANDY PAUSCH (1960-2008)

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