Switch Accessible Bowling

Image of a switch accessible bowling machine. 10-pin Bowling has long been a game people have sought to make more accessible, since the advent of gutter-bumpers and ramps. In 1997-1999 I developed a couple of "Switch Accessible Bowling Ball Kickers". These consisted of the workings of a battery powered golf putting aid housed within a wooden box that postitioned any bowling ball close to the point of balance linked up to a switch socket.

Aiming required a helper who would slowly move the angle of the bowling ramp from left to right continuously, stopping the moment the player hits their switch.

I always wanted to develop this idea further to reach more people, but I've never got around to it. If anyone is interested in building their own (cost me around £15 to do) please get in touch. Since that time I've discovered some great alternatives:

IKAN Bowler, POSS-I-BALL 2000, Pin-Seeker, the Empowering Wheelchair Users! Blog and some great videos over at RNT including this slightly terrifying one!

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