Maze Muncher - one-switch or mouse controlled

Graeme's Free Games presently features some highly accessible versions of Namco's all-time classic Pac-Man. All feature the option to reduce the number of ghosts as well as giving the facility to adjust the speed of the ghosts and your Pac-Man independently.

There's a really well thought out one-switch version that features the best solution I've seen yet to navigating a maze at speed. A mouse compatible version offers a way to play for head-tracker, eye-tracker and other users too. This too offers a really well thought out solution.

For those wanting to play the exact same version that Namco released in the arcades back in 1980/81 - take a look at 4Noah for a potential solution: One-Switch Pac-Man - Mouse controlled Pac-Man.

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5 Responses to 'Maze Muncher - one-switch or mouse controlled'

  1. # Anonymous Thierry

    Very fun game with only one switch ! Thanks +++ !!!  

  2. # Anonymous Oddbob

    Take it you've seen this, matey?  

  3. # Blogger

    No I hadn't - thanks for that.

    Press release sounds promising:

    "October 20, 2008 - Koonsolo announces that Mystic Mine can be played with a single button. People and children with limited mobility will have no trouble with the controls. The difficulty also adapts to the current player, making sure that everyone can enjoy and finish the game
    at their own skill level, regardless of age, experience and disability."  

  4. # Blogger Oddbob

    Another one for ya :-)  

  5. # Blogger

    Cheers, Mate - I'll post up on this soon. Looks like another to keep an eye on. Ta.  

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