AbleGamers and Ouch! - Spruce Up

Stencilled Banksy image of a cleaner pulling up the wall as if it was a curtain, and dusting away.AbleGamers and the BBC's Ouch! have both received a big makeover just recently. I particularly like AbleGamers new logo, and also the new web-accessibility features at Ouch. Unfortunately with the Ouch spruce up - the Ouch Guide to Switch Gaming has gone. Perhaps I can pursuade them to reinstate it. Either way - both are well worth some of your time.

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  1. # Blogger Ioo

    Thanks for the plug. Our new logo was done by a great artist who goes by the handle of Flowbug. He did it for the site for the love of the site.

    Things are looking great hear BTW.

    Mark (Ioo) AbleGamers  

  2. # Blogger

    You're welcome to the plug, Mark - you have a superb site. Keep it up!  

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