Switch Adapted Cameras

Pentax Optio Switch Adapted Camera. After learning that ORCAA technology are no longer producing switch adapted cameras by the splendid AbleNet - I scouted around the web for others. I turned up a couple a good looking suspects from Australasia:

1. Pentax Camera with Remote Switch Interface. Very nice as this can be used with both
accessibility standard plug-in switches and also with infra-red leaning AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) devices. From Tecsol - Australia.

Zabonne also have a switch adapted digital camera - of a less versatile design - but still opening up all sorts of possibilities for switch using photographers.

Ideally these units will be using batteries, but it's worth checking out with the companies concerned if you will need a special charger to use in your country due to different power standards around the globe.

For a mounting solution for cameras - take a look at the
Accessible Gaming Shop Mounting Solutions area. Finally - use http://www.xe.com/ for an up to date currency conversion estimate.


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  1. # Blogger dwagner

    I dont know if you can order from the US, but check out this site for a nice switch-adapted digital camera.
    RJ Cooper also sells a switch-adapted flip video camera. http://rjcooper.com/flip/index.html

    Deanna K. Wagner
    AT Specialist
    Phoenix, AZ  

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