Why Don't You D.I.Y.?

Image of a red X-Blaster water pistol adapted with a separate Able-net switch attached.
Via: Carole Thornett of Vranch House School:

"The water pistol I purchased from you back in February was brilliant at computer club this morning. I had switch adapted it [myself] so that everyone could use it, and we filled it up lots of time from a watering can. They now want a second one so that they can have some water fights!

It’s just brilliant – something that most of them could not otherwise do.

I attach a photograph of my adaptation. It is a little 3.5 mm jack socket just above the Hydro Blaster label...The adaptation I did was relatively straightforward".

I love hearing stories of people adapting battery powered equipment themselves to give greater access. It's not that difficult - why not give it a try yourself?

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