"Switch Friendly Games"

Four 'Switch Friendly Games' from Sensory Software.Sensory Software's Switch Friendly Games is a suite of traditional games made more accessible. This package probably has the widest range of options aimed directly at switch gamers that I've ever seen. It's equally great for head-tracker and eye-tracker gamers thanks to it's pure mouse based interface available simultaneously. That is nice.

The games? "Minesweeper and Solitaire one player games, whilst 4-in-a-Row, Sea Battle, Chess and Othello are for two players. These can be played by two switch users, each with their own switch(es) and switch options."

What is great about these games is that they don't rush you. You can play completely at your own pace. However, they are games of logic, so do require a fair amount of understanding. This said, there are some very good difficulty level adjustments. All this does come at a price. £60 from QED Ltd. Perhaps a little steep... There again, there's nothing better out there of this type.

I'd love to see a "Switch Friendly Games 2" feature some more no-rush games, that are open to gamers that don't get on so well with pure logic games. Bowling, Peggle, Pool, Crazy Golf and more could work really well. How about it SS?

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