CRC Formula 1 Racer

Image of a rocket powered wheel-chair about to race off around the streets of Dublin. Rocket powered wheelchair racing can't be that far off in reality can it? Meanwhile you can do the same on your computer thanks to the CRC Project's really nice one-switch game "CRC Formula 1 Racer".

This is a fun game, and also I think the first time I've ever seen wheelchair users as both spectators and also the lead character in the game. Nice. Instructions, video and more at the CRC Project.

This and other one-switch racing games can be found at the One Switch Library. And the work in progress 4Noah DUI is well worth a look too.

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4 Responses to 'CRC Formula 1 Racer'

  1. # Anonymous thierry

    Thanks +++ Barrie,for this information ! Very beautiful and nice game !
    In french : la technique permettant l'utilisation d'un seul contacteur est séduisante ! De nombreux autres jeux pourraient s'en inspirer ! (c'est aussi valable pour Wobble bob !) Félicitations aux auteurs !  

  2. # Blogger

    You're welcome!
    Vous êtes les bienvenus!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Do you heard about special configuration to run this game ? I ask because on two pc (quiet old with win xp) the game is very slow...
    I try to update directx but it's not enough

    my pc config :
    win xp SP2
    processor : pentium 4 2,6 ghz
    256 mo of memory

    thanks for your sharing
    Guillaume Durieux  

  4. # Blogger

    Sorry - I'm not aware of a way to speed this up for you.  

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