ZAC Browser - Aimed at Autistic Kids

ZAC Browser - banner image with an Angel FishZac Browser is a closed off section of the internet aimed at Autistic Kids. It features an easy to use browser with a selection of activities such as games (think Sesame Street from the 90's onwards for content), music, video clips and stories.

One problem for me was that the site seems to have band-width issues - so when downloads are slow - I can see kids getting click happy and annoyed that it's not doing what it should. A lack of a progress bar / download bar left me thinking that the games area was empty for quite a while too. Maybe when things quieten down for them things will run much smoother.

This all said - it's a very fine effort - that may just suit a number of head-tracker and eye-tracker using kids very well indeed.

Via: Leandro and TLWMSN Blog

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2 Responses to 'ZAC Browser - Aimed at Autistic Kids'

  1. # Blogger Robert

    I've just been trying this with C4 and a few niggles aside, he took to it really well.

    Definitely needs some sort of "loading" indicator for the games as it befuddled Michael a bit with having nothing but a butterfly on screen or the likes, but I imagine once traffic calms down a tad or server side stuff gets sorted that it'll level out a tad.

    Very impressed though, even if it does mean I lose the use of my computer even more now.

    As a side note, from Tim at

    I've not tried it yet, so can't comment myself.  

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks for the link Robert. A potentially very nice game - but requires super accurate and fast presses. I've asked the author if he'll consider creating an easier version which I could host at OneSwitch.  

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