Wobble Bob

Image of one-switch game Wobble Bob. A cartoon platform game featuring a wobbling purple blob with googly eyes. Wobble Bob by Lukasz Lesicki won a recent one-button competition for the Dobbs Challenge. It's a collect-em-up platform game. Wobble Bob wobbles back and forth continuously. Depending on when you press the SPACE bar will decide which way he'll jump.

It's a good idea requiring a lot of skill to complete - but quite forgiving too (large jumps don't kill you). I was however disappointed to see a completely unnecessary mouse reliant menu system. I wish one-button game developers could see how disabling this is for gamers using a single button alone to play. I want one-button to mean one-button access for everything.

Via: OddBob


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  1. # Anonymous Thierry

    Very simple and funny ! Thanks for this very nice information.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Here is the flash version of this game: http://www.wobblebob.com  

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