Um Jammer Lammy - One Switch Guitar Hero

With all this talk of Guitar Hero being made accessible for one handed gamers - you may wonder if there's anything for one-switch / one-button gamers. Well there is - and it's probably what inspired Guitar Hero in the first place: Playstation One and PS2 game "Um Jammer Lammy".

It's the follow up to the fun and funny PaRappa the Rapper - but this time with an Easy option that allows the game to be played with a single button. You have to tap out guitar licks and riffs in time to an on-screen display (requiring pretty accurate timing it must be said). The aim is to get through a number of songs, to progress through a wacky surreal story. Huge fun if you can play it fairly well. Could also be played in a team too on harder levels (with a chance to mess about with virtual effects pedals such as a fuzz box and over-drive). Click the picture above for a short YouTube video clip.

Anything free for PCs? Chuck Rock Dance.

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3 Responses to 'Um Jammer Lammy - One Switch Guitar Hero'

  1. # Anonymous Dreamcube017

    Hm that's interesting but actually if you play on this mode, you will never get to the final stage, nor will you unlock anything.

    You do know that Parappa has his own versions of all the songs in the game along with his own cutscenes. So it's kind of like Parappa the Rapper 1.5. lol

    Also.... The idea for Guitar Hero came from a mixture of a popular Japanese game from Konami (makers of Dance Dance Revolution)called Guitar Freaks/Drumania and a previous game they (they being Harmonix, NOT Activision) called Amplitude which was for the PS2 as well.

    Now a one button rhythm game wouldn't do all that well because if you think about it, it's emulating a real instrument.... what real instrument has one key/volve/string/whatever?

    Maybe Drums but even those have different areas in the drum even if it is just one drum so even that's not really ONE button.

    As for one handed, there should be away to disable the strum thing on the bottom so you could only use the buttons for Guitar Hero.

    I've seen some one handed beatmania IIDX players as well. (beatmania IIDX is another Japanese game by Konami).

    Sorry to throw so many spikes in your article. I really didn't intend for it to sound mean. I just wanted to point those things out.

    Easy mode on Um Jammer Lammy is actually the only mode I ever played because I was too afraid to play the harder ones. lol
    But it's still quite fun.

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks for your comments - much appreciated... Hers' some of mine back at you...

    No playing Um Jammer Lammy on Easy won't unlock anything - but as one of only two one-button rhythm games that I'm aware of - it's better than nothing!

    Are you aware of any cheats to make the game easier?

    Also - I realise a one-button rhythm game is pretty niche.

    When you think how far reduced the Guitar Hero guitar is from the real thing - I don't think it would be impossible to reduce it further - allow users to make a great sound - and play a game at the same time. Um Jammer proves this.

    Slip this into a rhythm game as an optional play mode - and more people are made happy - and no one unhappy.  

  3. # Anonymous Sandra Uhling


    in the past days I learned something very very very important.

    People with disabilities love also to play games! And they would also like to play mainstream gams.

    Why not make it so easy for them that they can play a music game also with one button ?

    Why not make a Need for speed game,
    where you can give speed with one button and steering is automatically done ?

    Why not ?
    When it is fun for this people, we should do this!

    Why should they only play arcade games ?

    Terrestrial Invaders shows an amazing way how it is possible to navigate through a menu with only one button!

    Why not make a Dance Game where all arrows can be activated with only one button ?


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