Tower Bloxx

Cartoon Image of a number of teetering tower blocks with cartoon people flying into them using umberellas.
Tower Bloxx is not a pure one-switch game - but once a "Quick Game" is clicked on it's (mostly) just SPACE or left mouse click to drop blocks. Quite a lot of skill is needed with this timing based tower building game, but if you do get the knack of it - it's addictive fun.

There is a commercial 3D version from Digital Chocolate, Tower Bloxx Deluxe, but I found this crashed badly on my laptop once I'd paid for it and presently won't work at all. Meanwhile - there's an alternative version of Tower Bloxx over at that is worth a play.

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  1. # Anonymous Tila


    I also have the PC version (Tower Bloxx Deluxe) and after I bought the game I had a similar crashing problem. I contacted the company and they quickly explained that since I had a previous beta version installed in my system I had to delete the folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigitalChocolate

    After I did this, the program worked nicely and I am addictly building my city. :)

    Hope it works for you too.


  2. # Blogger

    Thanks Tila - that has helped a lot. I've been able to play the game - but unfortunately when I exit the game I have to delete that folder again - or the game crashes again. Not very good. Shame because it's such a nice game when working. I'll keep trying Digital Chocolate. You never know - they might consider making a true one-switch version...  

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