Switch Accessible Scissors

Image of switch adapted scissors.
Had a recent request on where to find switch accessible battery powered scissors in the UK. These are used with one person holding and guiding the scissors whilst another presses their switch to stop/start the chomping. This is what I found...

Started with a nice blog post on switch adapted scissors I remembered at TLWMSN blog.

Found some switch adapted scissors in the USA and Australia, such as these from Enabling Devices. However these are marked as not RoSH compliant and not for sale in Europe. AbleNet have a good video showing how a velcro strap and battery switch breaker can make a pair of battery scissors more accessible.

Basically, the scissors and velcroed to be on all the time, and the battery breaker controls on/off power. When you fit a switch breaker, you may need to nibble away a small hole to fit the lead through from the battery compartment. This isn't as good as fully switch adapting the unit with a socket mounted in the scissors, but it's a lot easier to do.

You can get unadapted electric scissors / power scissors in the UK from a few places it seems. eBay is an obvious place but Iosss.com seems the cheapest.


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