Pacman Pachinko

Image of Pacman Pachinko front screen - large yellow ball with cartoon eyes surrounded by smaller balls with eyes and dollar signs.Pacman Pachinko is not a true one-switch game - but can be played with help with just the SPACE BAR. It's a gambling game a little like Pachinko (balls drop down and hit pegs) and a bit like Pacman (you have to eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts). The idea is to build up as much cash as possible then quit.

What I like about this is that although it's hard to complete some of the levels - you can have fun playing at your leisure no matter what your ability. So on one hand - a nice little cause and effect activity - and on the other - a challenging game. I've passed a message onto the programmer in the hope that he'll consider a true one-button version. Download here.

Via: Eelke Folmer


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