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Music Search - image of a Space Echo tape effects unit.
There are lots of places to discover music you might like, especially tracks you'll never have heard before. Building mixes is fairly easy using the likes of Spotify which can then be Paused/Played or skipped using a single switch. - Create music mixes up to about 30 minutes.
Last.FM - Very simple search site - with a huge range to choose from.
MySpace Music - Many bands and artists have some free tracks to listen to.
Sound Cloud - Much non-commercial music.
Spotify - Perhaps the best of all, but with limited access around the world.
The Hype Machine - Lots of unusual and rare tracks.
We7 - Fair range of streaming music.
YouTube - Staggeringly huge range of music videos to track down.

See also the Switch Accessible Music area for more switch music ideas and this great Free Music for Videos post [updated June 2015].

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2 Responses to 'Music Search'

  1. # Blogger Vienna

    Have you thought about upating this list?
    I suppose WE7 would now join this list ?  

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks for tip off to WE7. List updated, with Seeqpod and ScreamR removed. Spotify still my big favourite.  

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