Design a one-button first-person shooter game

GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge: One Button - Image of a game button marked with the letters F.P.S. - for First Person Shooter."The Challenge: Design a one-button first-person shooter game.

Assignment Details: This design challenge comes from Brandon Sheffield of Game Developer magazine and, and his assignment details are extremely minimal.

Design a one-button FPS game.

the game idea
the game mechanic
the platform
the target audience
why your game will be addictively fun.

That's it.

Succinct ideas will be highly favoured! Can you describe all this in only a few sentences?

Remember, the businessmen and women in the game industry don't want to read a hundred-page design document.

Get to the point. Sheffield will weigh in on the results. (Hint: Click here to find out what kinds of themes and styles he might be into.)

To Submit: The forum is the place to go to ask questions, discuss ideas, and kvetch about this particular challenge. Send your answers to with the subject line "Design Challenge: One Button."

Entries must be submitted by June 18, 2008. Be sure to include your full name and school affiliation or job title.

Please try to keep your answers to 500 words or fewer -- and remember that part of this particular challenge is delivering a great idea succinctly. "

The responses for this challenge will appear the week of June 23, 2008. "

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2 Responses to 'Design a one-button first-person shooter game'

  1. # Blogger

    I've entered the competition - couldn't resist!  

  2. # Blogger

    Got no where! My street water-pistol fight perhaps wasn't best explained. Ah well...

    Results here:  

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