Head Controlled Scalextric / Slot-cars

Image of a man racing a Scalextric style slot-car around a minature track using a chest mounted chin controller.The photo above shows a mechanical adaptation to a slot-racing controller, enabling the player to adjust the speed of their car using their chin. There's a Flickr photo-stream which much like Ben Heck's Guitar Hero pedal - isn't quite a D.I.Y. guide - but gives enough of an idea for some to get going with their own take on of this project. Excellent work!

For those interested in one-switch Scalextric - I have had some success with this using a Starsky and Hutch set. Your car can be controlled in quite a few different ways.

A: Press your switch to trigger maximum speed. Requires very fast reactions and skill to stop the car from flying off the track and smashing into the nearest piece of furniture or pet.

B: Press your switch to trigger a reduced top speed. Thanks to magnets the car will never leave the track unless you crash into your opponent at the central cross over.

C: Press your switch to activate TURBO. Your car can be set to constantly trickle around the track at a much reduced speed - until the switch is pressed. Requires a fair bit of judicious skill.
I'll post a D.I.Y. guide in the near-ish future.

Photo and related threads via: OWH Slot Car Talk and Joe's Track Thread.

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