Spruce Up and "Out of Stock"

Just given the blog a little spruce up so that it is in more keeping with OneSwitch.org.uk colours wise. I'm hoping to get a redesign of the banner up the top as it's a bit make-do at present. Got something and someone in mind - but I'll have to keep my fingers crossed.

Final thing - you may have noticed many of the
OneSwitch shop items are listed as "Out of Stock" - this isn't necessarily so - but I'm trying to catch up on some boring bits as well as some old projects that I've left for far too long. OneSwitch adapted toys will surface again...


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  1. # Blogger Robert

    Smart new look. I like it :-)

    Couple of games in the Dobbs challenge that might be worth glancing over...



  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    Thanks, Bob - appreciated (especially after my daughter said she didn't like it).

    Thanks also for the one-switch games links - Google rarely turns thes up - so your help is as ever priceless here.

    Liked both the Scalextric and Sumo styled one-switch games - which both had a lot of potential - but as ever - I'm greedy - and want much better menu accessibility. Cheers!  

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