One Switch "Shoot Zonez" Shoot Zonez one switch games. have five one-switch playable target games at their "Play Sports - Shoot Zonez" on-line gaming area. It's a bit empty now, but if you can organise to play the game at the same time as some of your friends whilst connected to the internet - you can play some really competitive games.

The games all need mouse control to navigate the menus unfortunately. What have you got though? Ice hockey and football penalty shoot outs, basketball a fair-ground target game and a daft cake throwing competition. You can slow down the pointer using CPU Killer, but this doesn't slow down the 20 second "easy" count down within which you have to complete your go.

Of note, the UK version seems to be aimed at multple players or just for practice, whilst the Australian version seems to be a one player game only.

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