The Nun who Nurtured Ska and Reggae

Sister Marie Ignatius Davies
There's a great BBC radio recording at about the remarkable Sister Marie Ignatius Davies and her work at the Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica for homeless and "wayward" boys.

This wonderful woman showed some of these troubled kids a better way. This included running a sound system for weekend dance nights and even jumping in the ring with kids twice her size to teach them some discipline through boxing. She brought a love of music to many of the kids, some of whom went on to become important exponents in the Ska and Reggae explosion in the 60's and 70's. Without Sister Ignatius it seems that I'd be without my favourite band The Specials - so here's my tiny tribute to her.

link via: Ben Schogler


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    Thanks Bob - nice little game - I'll do a follow up on this in the future. Cheers.  

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