Woodpecker USB Switch Interface

Woodpecker USB Switch Interface for PCs from Technology and Integration.
The first company to donate to the SpecialEffect Games Roadshow is Technology and Integration. Belgian based, but dealing internationally, they kindly donated one of their excellent "Woodpecker USB" switch interfaces.

This compact device allows you to connect up to five accessibility switches and also an Atari style joystick (which just happens to be the 'D9' style adopted by many wheelchairs). I've been testing this device with MERU's Moozi 'D9' joysticks with great success having it control the mouse pointer and to play games too (more of which later).

In short, the Woodpecker is one of the most versatile and compact switch interfaces available for the PC. It's great for a huge range of games and works with JoyToKey too. Thank you TNI!

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