Moozi and Flexzi

Moozi 'D9' Joystick from MERU.Flexzi mounting solutions.

MERU are next up, loaning the SpecialEffect Games Roadshow a Moozi joystick and some Flexzi controller mounts.

The Moozi joystick comes in a large range of styles and colours. We've received a low-profile black joystick which looks great next to the primary coloured able-net switches everyone seems to use (us included). First impressions were of how well put together the joystick feels. It's weighty and feels very solid indeed. It uses a 'D9' plug, so needs an adapter to connect to a PC. No problem - TNI's Woodpecker works brilliantly, as does the AtariAge Stelladaptor (which I have in stock presently).

The Flexzi mounting solutions we've received are equally well made. We've been loaned one with a bracket and one with velcro fixings. Both are really easy to use, and are firm when in position but do give a little. Thanks to this, you're a lot less likely to knock yourself out with them if you hit the mounted controller hard with your head.

Really great equipment, which I wish we could keep! They'll be getting some really good usage soon.

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