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Origin Instruments Accessible Controllers. Sip/Puff, Swifty Switch Interface and HeadMouse controllers pictured.Origin Instruments have been showing interest in Accessible Gaming, and kindly sent me some evaluation kit including my first ever sip/puff switch.

They sent me the smallest switch interface I've ever used (the Swifty) which can be made to work with any PC switch game using JoyToKey. Using a "Beam" wireless device, this can reportedly be used to hook up three accessibility switches for extra control, although I didn't have this to try. Nice though.

The sip/puff set-up is excellent, which I used hooked up to a number of games consoles (e.g. sip to steer left and puff to steer right). Takes practice to use these, and at one stage I was getting slightly strained "I've blown up 30 balloons" cheeks.

Finally - I successfully used their super simple to use HeadMouse Extreme. Worked great with any Mouse compatible game I threw at it. Excellent. Thanks for the fun gadgets, Origin! All added to the Accessible Gaming Shop.

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  1. # Anonymous Thierry

    Best wishes for new year !
    I have these goods products from Origin Instruments... In France we also use Woodpecker USB interface from TNI : one Atari port and 5 switch acces for mouse and keys simulation (only 90 €).  

  2. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    To you too!


    The "Woodpecker" looks like a really good device. Wonder if it can be used with JoyToKey...  

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